Let's Learn English: A Review of Lessons 10 -14

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Congratulations! You are learning English with VOA Learning English! Try the quiz to test yourself. Then, look at the list below and see how much you are learning! Come back next week to see more of Anna and her friends in Washington, DC.

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Review of Lessons 10 -14

Review of Lessons 10 -14

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Lesson Review

Here are the lessons and learning points. Write to us in the Comments section to let us know which you like best.

Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place

  • Grammar focus: Locating places; Imperatives; There is /There are
  • Topics: Giving directions; Sequence of events with then
  • Learning Strategy: Use Images
  • Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Giving simple directions; Using rising intonation to check understanding​

Lesson 11: This Is My Neighborhood

  • Grammar focus: Prepositions (across from, behind); Cardinal numbers indicating quantity; Singular/Plural introduction
  • Topics: Describing neighborhoods; Asking for information​
  • Learning Strategy: Ask Questions
  • Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Expressing gratitude, emphasis on words expressing feelings

Lesson 12: Meet My Family

  • Grammar focus: Auxiliary do and the verb make
  • Topics: Family members​; family relationships
  • Learning Strategy: Find and Apply Patterns
  • Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Ask about a problem; varied ways to pronounce "aunt"

Lesson 13: Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

  • Grammar focus: Frequency adverbs, cause and effect phrases
  • Topics: Usual and unusual activities
  • Learning Strategy: Make an Inference
  • Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Using frequency adverbs to talk about cause and effect; blended sounds

Lesson 14: How About This?

  • Grammar focus: Position of adjectives before nouns; use of two phrasal verbs: put on and take off
  • Topics: Describing clothing colors and sizes; making a suggestion and giving compliments
  • Learning Strategy: Personalize
  • Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Making a suggestion; using color adjectives with nouns

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