Review of Lessons 45 -49

Let's Learn English Review Lesson 45 - 49 Bloopers
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Let's Learn English Bloopers

Nobody's Perfect

We are teaching the present perfect tense in this group of lessons, but we are not perfect. This week, we have a "bloopers" video for you. Bloopers are mistakes that actors make when they are saying their lines on camera. They make both the actors and the audience laugh. We make a lot of mistakes while we are filming Let's Learn English, so we have been laughing a lot in the past year. It has been fun for us to make this course for you.

We are very happy with the response from you, our audience, to this online course over the past year. You have been writing to us, sharing the lessons with your friends, and coming back week after week to see each new lesson. We know that you have been studying English well. How about the things you have done for fun? What else have you done this year? Write to us in the Comments section or by email.

Review Quiz

In this quiz, you can test your listening skills and review the last five lessons. Watch a short video and answer each question.

Quiz: Review of Lessons 45 - 49

Quiz: Review of Lessons 45 - 49

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Lesson Review

Did you miss a lesson? Look back and see if you remember these grammar points and topics.

Lesson 45: This Land is Your Land

Grammar: Future continuous verb tense​

Topics: Talking about upcoming events​; Expressing desires to see sights or do activities on a trip

Learning Strategy: Predict

Speaking & Pronunciation: Reduced form of "will" in the future continuous verb tense

Lesson 46: May I Borrow That?

Grammar: Verbs lend, borrow, and loan

Topics: Asking for permission

Learning Strategy: Act It Out

Pronunciation: Words that end in "r" in American English

Lesson 47: How Can I Help?

Grammar: Review of past and present continuous; review of reflexive pronouns

Topics: Offering and accepting help

Learning Strategy: Access Information Sources

Speaking & Pronunciation: Reduced form of "I will" in American English

Lesson 48: Have You Ever ...?

Grammar: Present perfect verb tense​

Topics: Review of making recommendations; Talking about things to do and see

Learning Strategy: Focus Attention

Speaking & Pronunciation: Past participle of BE​

Lesson 49: Operation Spy!

Grammar: Present perfect vs. present; Present perfect vs. Past tense

Topics: Reacting to information; Research for work

Learning Strategy: Find Practice Opportunities

Speaking & Pronunciation: Reduced forms of has/have in present perfect tense

Now it's your turn. How are you using Let's Learn English? Tell us about where you live and how often you do these lessons. Send us an email or write to us in the Comments section below or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think of these lessons.