Review of Level 2 Lessons 1 - 5

Let's Learn English Level 2 Review of Lessons 1-5

Review of Lessons 1 -- 5

Lesson 1: Budget Cuts

Grammar focus:

  • Review: Present Perfect (has/have + past participle)
  • New: Present Perfect Continuous (has/have + been + ing verb)

Topics: Agent Nouns, New occupations, Evaluating People's Activities

Learning Strategy: Make Inferences

Lesson 2: The Interview

Grammar focus:

  • Review: Two-word verbs; Separable and Inseparable

Topics: Job Interviews​, Describing Talents and Skills, Describing Accomplishments

Learning Strategy: Goal Setting

Lesson 3: He Said - She Said

Grammar focus: Past Perfect Tense

Topics: Promptness, Leaving a message, Schedules

Learning Strategy: Monitor

Lesson 4: Run Away With the Circus!

Topics: Expressing opinions; Expressing agreement and disagreement

Learning Strategy: Apply a rule

Lesson 5: Greatest Vacation of All Time

Grammar focus: Review of ​comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives​

Topics: Asking for Information; Comparing different vacations and transportation

Learning Strategy: Make Associations

Listening Quiz

See how well you understand the first five lessons by taking a listening quiz. Play each short video, then choose the best answer.

Quiz - Review of Level 2 Lessons 1 - 5

Quiz - Review of Level 2 Lessons 1 - 5

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